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Allyson Tomchin, LCSW, is widely recognized as the best public speaker in Florida and founder of Therapyhead. She has an incredible 30-year career in talk therapy and a unique blend of public speaking skills and therapeutic knowledge. Her seminars are profoundly transforming in addition to being educational.

Engaging and Inspirational Public Speaking

As the best public speaker in Florida, Allyson’s approach to public speaking is as unique as her therapy sessions. She approaches complex topics like mental health and personal growth with a blend of perceptive knowledge and approachable humor. She stands out as the most outstanding public speaker for various audiences because of her natural ability to connect with the audience in any forum.

Speaking Topics

The following showcases some of the topics Allyson has previously spoken on. She always tailors her talks and topics to the specific needs and interests of the audience at hand. Reach out to discover how Allyson can customize a talk or presentation specifically for your group, ensuring an engaging and impactful experience for all.

Past Topics for young Adult Audiences:

• Being a Teen can Suck
• Therapy Can Be Fun!
• The Psychology of Social Media
• Mindfulness for Young People
• Social Work and Being Your Best Self
• Living life during transitions
• Teens, Stress and Social Media
• Making Good Choices as a Young Person



Past Topics for various audiences on general life:

• Divorce & Co-parenting
• Family Law, Mental Health and Families
• Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Violence
• Excelling as a Superstar Social Worker
• Reducing Anxiety in Life and Work
• Being Your Best Self
• Slowing Down to Rise Up
• Anxiety is Contagious
• Women and Life Hacks
• Reducing Stress in Life
• Maintaining a Stable Life


OVERCOMING: A Solution Focused Approach to Life.

Solution Focused Therapy is a strength based and evidence-based therapy.

This is a functional therapy workshop where we take Solution Focused concepts and tools and apply them to our own personal and/or professional lives. The workshop is fun and interactive. There is a lot of learning and participants get to choose what works for them. This group is for a universal audience. It does not matter whether you are a construction superintendent or an attorney. This workshop is meant for companies, agencies, or private groups. Everyone who joins has a positive experience with tangible takeaways so they can live life their way.

Fill out the form below and we can talk about how to tailor this workshop for your group!

Transformative and Empowering Messages

Allyson’s public speaking aligns with Therapyhead’s mission of healing and treatment of mental health. Her therapy sessions are designed for women who are suffering through divorce, adults living with mental abuse, or young adults facing problems like anxiety, stress, and breakups.
She inspires people to meet life’s obstacles head-on and see them as personal development opportunities. She is regarded as the best public speaker in Florida. Her speeches are experiences that transform people’s lives and positively impact the audience post-event.
Allyson Tomchin is the first choice for anyone seeking the best public speaker in Florida. Her professional expertise, empathetic approach, and flawless speaking ability make her exceptional in therapy and public speaking circles.

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Get ready to witness a transformative experience as Allyson takes the stage and leaves your attendees buzzing with excitement and newfound inspiration.

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Meet Allyson Tomchin, LCSW

She started Therapyhead to show what therapy could be. It is possible for therapy to be enjoyable and helpful.

Allyson has 30 years of experience helping others get through many situations in life. Before starting her practice, she worked in Social Services in Substance Abuse and Gang Prevention. Working in private practice as a Licensed Psychotherapist for the past 20 years she has worked with clients aging from 14 to 80. Allyson has been on the street, in the courtroom, in the classroom at FAU, at multiple events as a Public Speaker, done a TEDx talk, YouTube Talk Show, contributed to South Florida Parenting Magazine and was named 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County. She has worked with well over 1000 people over her 30 year career in the private and public sector as a psychotherapist. Allyson has done a lot in her career and has focused on one thing, her clients.